give me just a moment 
off the bustling street 
to rest my body down 
and gather myself before I weep

bodies bombarding my space 
jostling my energy field 
too porous to resist 
my weaknesses are revealed 

let me cool my pallet 
full of the embers I’ve reaped 
allow my hearing to muffle 
wrap me up in a protective sheath

give me just a moment
away from the life I’ve lived
to rest my old habits aside 
and imagine all the good I did   

pure being and joy
those embodiments of flow 
unparalleled connection 
that’s all I wish to know 

please and thank you 
my morning through nightly prayers 
bring to me continual lightness 
in all of my affairs 

align my soul’s purpose 
do with me what you intend 
for that is all that is required 
of my heart until the end 

give me just a moment 
to let the overwhelm go
hold me in stillness 
allow my soul to glow 

meera devi



Follow the flow of your curiosity and joy to take you where you're meant to be and experience the vibrancy of your essence.