The Beginning

In 2019 I heard about a "gem and bead show" that was coming to Denver. I asked my mom and daughter, Maya, if they wanted to join me for an outing. It was a wet, winter day in Denver. All I knew was that I wanted to buy beads. Lots of beads. Then, I was going to make malas. Lot of malas...even though I never had before.

By the day's end, I walked to my car with nearly 40 pounds of rock in my arms. Stones in every color of the spectrum from all over the Earth. And a singing bowl from Tibet; its resonance was so pure - I couldn't resist. With a smile, I made it home and got myself organized on my kitchen table. Then, I started playing with different materials and patterns. After months of trials and errors, I found my flow. I knew it was right because I was able to bring in the magic, the rituals, the tools and the practices that hold my malas in sacredness for me and for others.

I created them for the sake of creation. It became a meditative practice. Every mantra at every knot was a moment of healing. Every completed piece was resolution to an unfinished part of my past. And every time I gifted one to a person I love, their smile was like the Divine smiling back at me.

My community offered me something back in those exchanges, which I wasn't expecting - words of encouragement. These are magical. I've never found a mala like this before. Your work is so beautiful. You need to sell these. There were many emotions, from excitement to resistance, wrapped up in those reflections. As I worked through them I was able to find my center and took only the light to heart and established Meera.

I don't know what will come of all of this. Maybe you'll be able to feel the love and positivity of my work over the ether. Maybe you'll be able to hear the calling of a talisman meant for you. Maybe you'll find comfort and connection in the words I'm writing. Whatever it is, or isn't, I know that we're exactly where we're meant to be.


Follow the flow of your curiosity and joy to take you where you're meant to be and experience the vibrancy of your essence.