Please review our guidance below to enjoy your mala for many moons.


Meera Malas are made with high quality (A-AAA rated) stones which have their own unique density and finish (matte, faceted, polished or natural). The cord used is cotton for ethical and sustainability reasons. This means that each is delicate.

Storing Your Talisman
Place your mala back into the linen pouch from which it came. This will keep it safe, dust free, and prevent unintended damage.
Cleaning the Beads
If you mala becomes soiled, you may use a soft cloth (dry or slightly damp with warm water) to gently wipe down the beads. Never use cleaning products on them. This will compromise the integrity of the stones.
Cleaning the Tassel
Your tassel is made with 100% cotton. Especially if you wear it as a necklace, it may pick up dirt, oils, or debris. Should you need to freshen it up, fill a small bowl with warm water and add a drop of dish soap. Carefully, without submerging the guru bead or other beads, wet the tassel and gently rub it with your fingers. Keep the threads organized in the same direction so they don't become tangled. When complete, pat the tassel dry with a clean soft cloth and lay out to air dry.
Jewelry cleaners, household or commercial cleaning products, submerging in water, direct contact with oils and lotions, pulling the mala to fit around your wrist (the cotton could overly stretch and could prematurely break).


Meera Malas receive an energetic clearing before coming to you. We use sage or palo santo along with Reiki healing to ensure that the vibrational energy is free from impurities, low frequencies and anything that would not positively serve you. They are primed to work for your highest and most good!
Clearing Your Mala
Place your mala in the light of a full moon either overnight (in a safe and dry place) or for even just an hour. Similarly, you may use the sunlight. If you choose this, please keep the time limited to an hour to avoid color fading. As well, you may burn palo santo, sage or copal and allow the smoke to envelope the beads, which will carry the stagnant energy away.
Letting others wear or use your mala. The stones are sensitive and will absorb energy from anyone or anything which they come into contact with. Placing the mala on the ground. They are elevated tools that do their best for you when treated with reverence and respect.