In its simplest form, each mala is a garland comprised of 108 beads, one guru bead and a tassel knotted together. At Meera. we complete this act as a ritual of devotion and a moving meditation

The stones are intuitively chosen and dictate their own design arrangements. They may call in other stones for balance or amplification. The selected string is an expression of the rays or colors of Creation. Many malas have findings, spacer beads, which are placed according to numerological rules.

After the materials are picked, an energetic Reiki clearing is completed with use of the sacred sounds produced by a Tibetan singing bowl. Its resonance realigns the energy of each component into the same vibration.

Sanskrit mantra tracks are played in the studio from the beginning to the end to further enhance the metaphysical properties the stones hold. As each knot is tied, the mantra Om or another mantra is chanted or sung. 

When all 108 beads are knotted the two ends are tied together. This symbolizes the unity of Shakti (the Divine Feminine aspect) and Shiva (the Divine Masculine aspect).

The Guru bead is then threaded onto the the joined ends and tied once. This is symbolic of the non-duality of the Absolute.

The tassel is usually comprised of 27 loops, which is tied to the mala with three knots. This is symbolic of the trinity: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer.

The tassel is finally formed with five loops around it that represent the elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

The last physical act is the cutting of the tassel loops and excess string. This signifies cutting away the darkness from our consciousness or deliverance from ignorance.

Upon completion, each mala is sealed, again with the resonance of a Tibetan singing bowl, and a spoken prayer of intention for the person who it finds.