Many aspects inspired the creation of the malas you see. One has been a need to purely express my heart. She is an artistic creature that loves to design, coordinate colors, use the dexterity of my fingers, and joyfully sing her prayers into each of the thousands of knots I've tied. Time and again, my heart becomes more whole, more centered and more free. She thrives on giving of herself and longs to connect through her expression. How could I deny her?

Mother Earth has of course fueled this flow of abundant expression. Her absolute magnificence is unparalleled. My reverent gratitude runs deep for the bounty she provides for my eyes, my body, my soul. She nourishes us in every moment of life and even after death. Transforming her gifts into sacred objects to share feels deeply honoring and right.

Some of my deepest inspiration extends beyond my own experience to our greater circle. As I fill my cup through this endeavor, I must pay that bounty forward to others that need what I can give through my seva, my charitable service. Today, I am fortunate enough to be empowered to support myself and my daughter, to realize my potential by making my own decisions, and to be safe from immediate harm. I know what a blessing this is. And I need to help other women to be in similar situations by using profits to support charitable organizations that help solve inequities for them around the world

From ideological conception to physical manifestation, this process has been so special. I have found time and again that when a mala finds its way into the hands of the person it chooses, something beautiful happens. Usually, there is this moment of pause, then a sigh, and a connection to something...maybe a remembrance, a healing, a knowing. And for me, the same happens in the making.